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Aiko Beanz NFT Collection - MoonFloW NFT Marketplace
Aiko Beanz NFT Collection - Ebisu's Bay NFT Marketplace
Mutant Aiko Beanz NFT Collection - Ebisu's Bay NFT Marketplace
Mutant Aiko Beanz NFT Collection - MoonFloW NFT Marketplace

AikoSociety was born as a Web3 Project in April 2022. AikoSociety is a Company WEB3 Decentralizzed that was built to Share a passion for the world of Crypto and NFTs and deliver benefits to all Aiko Members. We also explain the meaning we give to AikoSociety and why the Team has chosen this name... The meaning of Aiko is Love and brotherhood, with this Our Project also aims to feel part of a group and love the journey done together. The AikoSociety Team has always wanted total transparency from the beginning, specifying that the Project created was created to create a WEB3 Community and spread positivity in the NFT world. AikoSociety has released as its first Collection, The Aiko NFT Collection on Crypto.comNFT, Each NFT has released to any Holder Rewards, gifts and Passive Income in Cronos and Ethereum ($CRO - $ETH ) every Month since this Collection has been released. Ecosystem based on the number of NFTs and Rarities, you can check in the AikoSociety Discord All info's AikoSociety has created an Official Merch where all earnings from sales will be released to all Aiko NFTs Holders!! The Second Collection released by AikoSociety is Aiko Beanz in Cronos Chain (DeFi) Achieved great results, reaching the floor price more than ten times the mint price and remaining in the Top 1 of Cronos Chain NFTs for weeks. The Aiko Beanz Collection contains all the positive things that the artist wanted to share in the traits, Sport, Love, Desires, Passion. Created to share positivity always and give everyone the chance to collect a Cute Aiko Beanz! Aiko Beanz's Mint Price was 50 Cronos ($CRO) All Whitelists in this Collection received 7 Aiko Beanz in Airdrop. This Collection has released and releases to its Holders, Rewards and Passive Income in Cronos ($CRO) every Month since this Collection has been released The Third Collection released is Aiko Cards on Crypto.comNFT based on Cronos. Collection created to Release IRL and Metaverse benefits to all Holders of this Collection. Aiko Cards, are the Member Cards, Vip Cards, Legend Cards of our Project, having them, you will surely receive unique benefits and soon news about our IRL Events. These NFTs will get you free entry into the IRL and beyond... The best Holders of this Collection will receive the Animated NFT as Artwork for use in the Metaverse. This Collection brings with it an Automatic Staking, all holders will be able to receive Passive income every two Months, derived from the Royalties of the Aiko Cards Collection in Crypto.comNFT. The fourth Collection released by AikoSociety is Mutant Aiko Beanz in Cronos Chain (DeFi) Collection Created by the AikoSociety Team and managed solely by the Community. Completely different system from the past, completely decentralized, this Collection releases passive income every month. The ecosystem is very simple. Every month we will send the royalties corresponding to the Contract and this will divide the Royalties x NFTs. Any Holder will not receive the Royalties, they will leave an added value to the NFT. (Royalties will remain in NFTs where the holder will not have received Royalties, the holders will be able to accumulate Rewards in their Token NFTs and increase the value of the NFT itself) AikoSociety has distributed more than half a million $ in Incomes, Airdrops and Rewards!! Everything that has been created to help a growing ecosystem by designing a Stable Project. The Aiko Community today is very strong, With big Investors and fun! You can participate in events in our Discord or Twitter and try to win one of our NFTs. What are you waiting for? Join the WEB3 world and join our AikoFAM! AikoSociety will become AikoSociety DAO... Don't miss the future... We are waiting for you!

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