At the moment the site allows access only to Founders

          AIKOSociety ROAD MAP Phase 1 :

1)-Launch of AIKO NFTs

2)-Release of the AIKO Collection on

3)-Share the Project with the Community in all social networks and share the Love towards AIKO and its future. 

4)-AikoSociety aims to become an Official brand and a registered and recognized trademark all over the World.

5)-Drop of the official AIKOSociety website where the gallery with all the AIKO Collectables is illustrated. Where all our Collections, Ranks and traits of any of our Collections will be added.

6)-Official Release AIKOSociety MERCH: AIKOSociety will commit to release in CRO [] 100% of the Earnings from the sales of the Official Merch for all OG Holders and higher roles within our Community, Start of release of our Passive income in CRONOS every month.

7)-Surprise release for our Community and Crofam of the AIKO BEANZ Collection, MINT LIVE on CROsea, 3 FREE MINT as a Gift for our Holders, Honorary members and Whitelist!!!Each AIKO BEANZ will have a utility, will give Passive Income to the Holders and whoever collects the most BEANZ will receive exclusive gifts and special surprises, These little guys will also release a small % of AIKO TOKEN based on CRONOS, upon their release… The Holders of this Collection, they will be able to stake their AIKO BEANZ on the Defi Wallet, as soon as our AIKO FINANCE ECOSYSTEM is ready!!  Well, first share that you have minted and use #AikoSociety #AikoBeanz, so we can get this collection fully minted out. Secondly, please join our discord and follow us on Twitter, as we execute on our roadmap, you will need to be notified so you don’t miss any second of our AIKOSociety movement. The secondary Market will be launched on Crypto.comnft (Curated based CRONOS with Traits and Rank) and on Ebisus Bay and others NFT marketplace. Being a low-priced Drop (different from our AIKO Collection) and having given away many FREE MINTs, we trust in our Community to share the event and our Little BEANZS!!! TO THE MOON!!! 

8)-Release of the Official AIKO Cards Collection, which will give access to privileges within the Community, these are Special NFTs which include the possibility of having the permission of AIKO Member or AIKO Vip, within the AIKOSociety Community in our Discor. Amazing & Animated 3D Works of different Colors, printable using a 3D printer, the value of the Cards varies from its Color, will give the Owners the opportunity to participate in Events and trips of the AIKO Community. Many special Airdrops and Freemints for our Holders in our next Collections.

9)-Creation and Coordination of our Ecosystem in the WEB3. (With the word creation, we mean that we are only at the beginning of our long journey to the moon)

10)-Create an Events and Gifts for the AIKOSociety community (e.g. Private Party – Travel – Special NFTs)

11)-Create and release the AIKO that will be usable in the METAVERSE, A Special Collection will be released with a few editions, where Collectors will be able to receive live statues of their AIKO NFT. 

12)-Creation and release of AIKOCoins in the Market as an Official Cryptocurrency. Creation of a Decentralized Cryptocurrency managed by our Community of Holders, Partners and CEO. 

13)- 200% increase in the Floor Price of AIKO NFTs, knowing what it might give in the future.

14)-Release of AIKOCoins to honorary members of the Community (AIKO Holders) A small percentage will be released to all our Holders for free, so as to give a final value to our AIKOs.

15)-The Phase 2 is going to be something electrifying. We try to help everyone to get there to the maximum of our strength.

More Surprised to be announced…


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