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AikoSociety was born as a Web3 project in April 2022. AikoSociety is an Autonomous, Anonymous and decentralized Organization in the Web3 (DAO) & Web2 World as Brand. It was created to share the passion for the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs and offer benefits to all Aiko members regardless of age, gender, or anything else. The meaning of Aiko is Love and brotherhood, with this Our Project also aims to feel part of a group and love the journey together. The AikoSociety Team has always wanted total transparency from the beginning, specifying that the Project created was created to create a WEB3 Community and a Solid long-term Project, spreading positivity in the NFT world and in everyday life. AikoSociety has released its first collection, the Aiko NFT Collection on Crypto.comNFT. Each NFT has released gigantic rewards, benefits, and passive income to any holder. Continuously evolving ecosystem. You can inform yourself and check on our AikoSociety Discord. AikoSociety has its own official merchandise. With this we want to underline that AikoSociety is a decentralized Web3 project but coexists with the centralized part for an ecosystem truly open to all. The second collection released by AikoSociety is Aiko Beanz in Cronos Chain (DeFi) It has achieved excellent results and has released many Passive incomes and benefits to its Collectors and Holders! The Aiko Beanz Collection contains everything positive that the artist wanted to share in the features, Sport, Love, Desires, Passion. Created to always share positivity and give everyone the chance to collect a Sweet Aiko Beanz! The third collection released is Aiko Cards on Crypto.comNFT based on Cronos. Collection created to release IRL and Metaverse benefits to all owners of this collection. Aiko Card, are the Member Card, VIP Card, Legend Card of our Project, by having them, you will surely receive unique advantages and soon news on our IRL Events. These NFTs will give you free entry into the IRL and beyond… Top owners of this collection will receive the animated NFT as a work of art for use in the Metaverse. The fourth collection released by AikoSociety is the Mutant Aiko Beanz collection in Cronos Chain (DeFi). Created by the AikoSociety team and managed exclusively by the community. The latest and most important NFT Collection released by AikoSociety is AIKO LEGENDS, evolution of the first Aiko NFTs Collection, this Collection contains art and special benefits for us. Released as the final and main Collection for our Project. The AikoSociety ecosystem has become very large to explain it simply, that's why we recommend: DYOR, each NFT Collection has different utilities and benefits. Our AikoFAM today is very strong, with great investors from all over the world and a group of people who love the Crypto world in a positive way! You can actively participate in events or Talk to us, on our Discord or Twitter and try to win one of our NFTs in case you don't want to invest or can't. Enter the WEB3 world and become part of our AikoFAM! Don't miss out on the future and use your time well... We are waiting for you!

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